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Language Exam

Graduate candidates who do not have a language proficiency document during the application process must take the foreign language proficiency exams held by Ibn Haldun University. These exams are not valid for doctoral candidates.

Candidates will choose the exam dates suitable for them in the online application system.

Language exams have a fee, and the fee for each exam is 1750 TL / 50 Euros / 50 USD  (Non-Refundable).

Features of the English Language Proficiency Exam (IHUTEST)

Candidates' listening, reading, writing and speaking skills are measured. The exam is either online or on paper. The speaking test takes place in front of an expert. The exam starts from 25 points, which is the base score, and increases by 5 points, up to the highest number of 80.

  • Listening 35 minutes
  • Reading 65 minutes
  • Writing 65 minutes
  • Speaking 15 minutes

It consists of a 3-hour exam without breaks.

For detailed information, you can contact prep.english@ihu.edu.tr.

Features of the Turkish Language Proficiency Exam

  • Consisting of reading, listening, writing, and speaking sections,
  • It measures the Turkish proficiency level of the candidate in four skills.
  • It is a 130-minute exam.

For detailed information, you can contact tomer@ihu.edu.tr.

Features of the Arabic Language Proficiency Exam

  • The placement test is used to determine the Arabic language level of the student who will receive language education.
  • It is an applied test.
  • The questions are in scope to measure the ACTFL levels which are vocabulary, grammar (Nahiv & Sarf), reading, writing, and listening.
  • The exam duration is 3 hours.

For detailed information, you can contact arabic@ihu.edu.tr.

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