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School of Graduate Studies

Dean’s Message

Dear Students and Faculty,

A critical element that determines the global competitive position of a country is the quality of academic faculty and experts in its educational institutions. The active presence of scholars who can predict international sociopolitical developments and who can create the strategies appropriate for addressing local as well as global crises is vitally important for our country in particular. The mission of Ibn Haldun University is to contribute to Turkey’s academic potential, and we provide a research environment for faculty and scholars in the making that is conducive to this purpose. This environment is built with the help of social scientists who recognize and utilize the existing wealth of knowledge accumulated in the knowledge base of our civilization.

The Graduate School is established to contribute to our University mission, and we offer multilingual degree programs and courses of study that comply with international curricular standards. The Graduate School consists of distinguished faculty members who work in the research areas of Political Science, International Relations, Management, Economics, Philosophy, History, Sociology, Psychology, Law, Education, and Religious Studies.

At our Graduate School, students, faculty, and staff work together on projects that have impact on our society, in a supportive academic environment. This support is strengthened with the help of IHU’s international education network ties— presenting students and faculty diverse research opportunities both in and out of Turkey— in addition to its collaborations in the public and private sectors.

As the Dean of the Graduate School, I would like to express our commitment to Ibn Haldun University’s mission to generate research that addresses the needs of our country and of our region. I believe that this research will enable our University to play a pioneering role in advancing the social sciences at home and abroad.


Prof. Rasim Özcan

Dean of Graduate School