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School of Graduate Studies

Our Mission

Within the framework of the graduate programs carried out within the mission of the Graduate Education Institute of Ibn Haldun University,

  • Adopted the principle of intellectual independence and critical thinking,
  • Able to conduct research on an international scale in the field of social sciences,
  • Able to generate solutions for the needs of a global society by making use of national and universal values,
  • Able to offer the projects it has finished to the service of the society

to educate researchers, experts and academics.

Our Vision

The aim of the School of Graduate Studies, which is responsible for the coordination of graduate programs within Ibn Haldun University, is to contribute to the development of unique methods based on national and universal values and ​​conduct social science studies and be one of the few social science research institutes in our country, our region and the world within the framework of the institute's mission.

Our Values

Within the framework of our university's mission and vision, the values ​​of our Graduate School are intellectual independence, quality in education, and leadership in research.

Intellectual Independence

  • One of the most important goals of the graduate programs conducted at our Graduate School is to educate researchers and experts with intellectual independence.

  • It is essential to ensure intellectual independence at all stages of the research process, which starts with asking scientific questions.

Quality in Education

Graduate programs carried out within the School of Graduate Studies;

  • Education curriculum appropriate to international standards
  • Different elective course options that allow specialization in different fields
  • With academicians who are experts in their fields

aims to educate researchers and experts who are competent enough to respond to the needs of our society in our country, our region, and the world.

Pioneer in Research

The School of Graduate Studies aims to be a leading center in research by producing global quality research products in different branches of social sciences with the graduate studies it coordinates.

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